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Ph.D. Research - Malicious Actor Motivations

While there have been significant advances in intrusion detection systems (IDS) as well as security incident and event management solutions (SIEM). These technologies fail to take into consideration the human aspect in computer use and network activity.


The best defense is a good offense. Understand your attacker to better protect your networks and valuable information.

Real-time Analytics and reporting

Understanding place in time behaviors, network and security administrators are able to effectively react to anomalies and malicious behavior to better protect networks and information.

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Cybercriminals Study-up on Credit Card Fraud

By Alistair Paterson: Credit card fraud has been big business for quite some time with losses expected to reach $24 billion by 2018. There are two types of credit card fraud – physical card fraud which involves the cloning of credit cards and Card Not Present (CNP) fraud, when the card is used online and over the

Nearly Half of Business Owners Have Been Victims of Cyberattacks

Nationwide’s annual survey of business owners found that 13 percent said they experienced a cyberattack. However, that number jumped to 58 percent of owners who identified as victims when shown a list of the following types of attacks — revealing a 45 percent gap and lack of understanding about what constitutes an actual attack. According to

Beware of an Unpatched Microsoft Word 0-Day Flaw being Exploited in the Wild

It's 2017, and opening a simple MS Word file could compromise your system. Security researchers are warning of a new in-the-wild attack that silently installs malware on fully-patched computers by exploiting a serious — and yet unpatched — zero-day vulnerability in all current versions of Microsoft Office on fully-patched PCs. The Microsoft Office zero-day attack, uncovered

The Human Factor of Cybersecurity (Research-in-Progress)

Angel L. Hueca, Karla Clarke, Yair levy: Cyber exploitation and malicious activities have become more sophisticated. Insider threat is one of the most significant cybersecurity threat vector, while posing a great concern to corporations and governments. An overview of the fundamental motivating forces and motivation theory are discussed. Such overview is provided to identify motivations that lead trusted employees